Job Title:  Management Analyst


Job Site:  2936 Columbia St., Torrance, CA 90503


Job Duties:  Work under the supervision of General Manager to perform the following: Collect and analyze relevant data relating to company’s operations in areas of logistics control, communication methods, cost analysis, customs coordination effectiveness, order routing procedure, and recommend ways to improve organization structure in these areas.  Evaluate and estimate the cost and scope involved with company’s operation expansion and additional staffing requirements and analyze the feasibility to eliminate duplicate or nonessential jobs.  Analyze needs for modifying current organization structure and operating procedures and recommend alternative methods for improvement.  Meet with management to recommend changes to company operating procedure systems (in part or in whole) and monitor it to ensure the systems run according to planned.


Requirement:  Master degree in Management Science, Project Management, or a Management Science related field.


To Apply, mail resume to:       Attn. Rachel Liu

                                                Pacific Century Customs Service, Inc.

                                                2936 Columbia St.

                                                Torrance, CA 90503